Hi! It’s me again!

The last time we talked in 2012, you pledged funds to establish The Detroit Printing Plant. Seed money from that crowdfunding campaign allowed me to move more than 5 tons of printing equipment from Alabama to Detroit, MI.


7 years and an additional $121,000 later, I have a 3200 sq ft building and funding for the Plant has been used for architect fees, city permits, a land survey, a new roof for the building, and major brick work. 

Also in the past seven years, the Detroit Printing Plant has evolved into the PRINTING PLANT, the Printery of the Americas, a 501c3 letterpress educational institution

We need to raise $71,000 USD to complete the next phase of the building. I need your support, just $75 USD from you. ALL OF Y’ALL.

In 2017, I filled three 30-cubic yard dumpsters of trash from the building, removed the existing roof, installed a new metal insulated roof, and did major brick work to the building.

I have funded this rebuilding with the money left from your contribution and my shallow pockets. It is amazing what saving can do! Each year I have spent $20,000 USD on the building while also maintaining a separate place to print.

BUT, last month the landlord raised the rent on the place where I print by 60%. This raise hurts. And they plan another raise in Spring 2020. 

Rather than saving funds for three more years, I am asking you to re-pledge to this project. This time the funds will go to complete the rebuilding of the building. This includes:

New Floor$15,000
Heating System$15,000
Electrical System$20,000
Moving Expenses$10,000

WAIT! That adds up to $85,000 USD. Where is the rest of the money coming from? MY SAVINGS. In for a dime, in for a dollar. TOGETHER, we can do this.

I need you to contribute at least $75 USD  for a one-year subscription to my 6″ x 8″ Tiny Posters.

WAIT! You won’t get 12 Tiny Posters but 13, a Baker’s Dozen. Yes, 13 random Tiny Posters for just $75 USD. I wanted to bring this project to completion without your help but the rent increase will cost too much. And I don’t want to give any more money to the landlord.

I need your support. I will be launching another Indiegogo campaign. This time the perks are a Baker’s Dozen of Tiny Posters. The different subscriptions are:

  • Random Quotes
  • Social Justice Quotes
  • Nature/Environment Quotes
  • Voting Quotes
  • Women’s Quotes
  • Give-a-Friend-a-Card (random quotes)

At the regular price, the Baker’s Dozen will be a $120 USD perk. But I want to give you a special reward for being my patron.

When restoration on the building is completed, it will house a world-class letterpress educational institution. The Printing Plant will be an international community printshop that will allow people to explore poster printing via letterpress printing & wood type.

At the Printing Plant,  WE PLAY HARD. WE PRINT HARDER. 

Follow the progress of the rebuild by visiting me on Instagram @pile_of_bricks. Tap the Notification button to know when I post or share stories. And PLEASE help spread the word by sharing this to your friends & family. 

Together we can build this!

Thank you much!